Tommy Carruthers is our Chief Instructor. Although he is based in the UK, he monitors the progress of the group closely with John.

He has more than 30 years of experience in martial arts. Coming from a neighbourhood with high crime rates, he was already experimenting to find the simplest methods of street self defense before he had any formal JKD instructors.

Having attended various JKD seminars in Europe but remained unimpressed. "I felt that what they were teaching would not work on the street, and it is in that arena that the truth comes out".

Later on, Tommy met Gary Dill, Jesse Glover, Howard Williams and Ted Wong. It was through the generous sharing of these individuals that helped Tommy shape his understanding and training of Jeet Kune Do.

Currently, Tommy holds more than 10 seminars per year in different countries and is regarded as the most sought after JKD Instructor in the world. 

Here are what other instructors have commented on Tommy.

"When Tommy is on he reminds me of Bruce when I knew him. The first time that I saw him I told him that he punches like Bruce. Tommy is also a very powerful kicker. He has Bruce like speed and power and is more flexible than Bruce was. If Tommy landed a full force strike in the center of a person's chest there is a chance that their heart would stop. He transfers an amazing amount of shock with his strikes. He has taken Bruce's ideas and turned them into a functional reality." - Jesse Glover (Bruce Lee's first student)
"Tommy is a great JKD'er. But most important his students were also very good. This is important, because not all great martial artists can teach. Tommy can." - Tim Tackett, (JKD instructor of the Wednesday Night Group of Redlands, California)