Thomas Ong
"This is where I understood the term “practical self-defense”. It is quick to learn, straightforward in application and is very logical to understand.
We practice by eliminating the unnecessary, sharpening that which is effective while wasting no time on things that do not work.
I am happy for this opportunity to learn such an effective and pragmatic combat system."
Colin Li
"In John's training group, I learn the fine details of each movement and get a deeper understanding of Bruce Lee’s intentions for JKD. This is what impresses me the most.

Under his guidance, I experienced a big progress in my Single Direct Attacks. Even though I have trained these moves before, I realised I was able to be faster and less telegraphic under John’s guidance.

As a coach, John explains each JKD concept in detail. He would also advise us on the practicality and applications of each concept.

To ensure that we have a thorough understanding, he encourages us to ask questions constantly. He never seems to be tired, or irritated by the questions we ask."
Michael Tham
"I have been an avid martial artist for a number of years. I enjoy the beauty of all martial arts.

Studying JKD under John has helped me to develop 'quick seeing' - an often neglected aspect of fighting. Besides better equipping me for real situations, JKD had also helped me by enhancing my existing skillset in areas like sparring, accuracy, execution speed, fluidity of movement and economy of motion.

John is a passionate JKD instructor who focuses on even the minute details and does his best to take his students to the next level. I appreciate his no-nonsense, straight forward approach in teaching and his relationships with others."
"I have been training with John since January. I find training in John’s group purposeful, and his group members are also welcoming of new students.

I think the most important things when training are the training goals and the instructor’s teaching style. Our training goal is very specific: Simple and Efficient street fighting. It is not hung up on forms, or a "proper" way of fighting.

As an instructor, John is sincere and very friendly. His training methods are creative yet logical, to help us identify and handle a violent confrontation."
Cher Yee
"I have attended John's JKD training for 8 sessions. With no prior martial arts background, I have learnt a number of hand and footwork techniques and have gained confidence in being able to defend myself. 

John conducts the training in an open manner with sharing and demonstrations and it is clear that he is passionate about the craft. The training focuses on speed and directness. 

Besides learning about JKD techniques, the group training is also a good way to get to know like-minded people who take self defense seriously."
"I joined JKD without any martial art background. This is because, when i watch online self defense videos, i doubt that most of them are useful in real-life situations. I decided to give John’s training group a try based on what he wrote on his website. In just one lesson, what I experience and learnt is much more useful than most videos that I have watched.
 After training the primary tools for just a month, I am already feeling more confident and competent of defending myself.
Despite the fact that I am a slow learner in JKD, John is willing to teach me patiently. He has the ability to pin point my errors in very fine details and show me how I can improve."