Synopsis of Seminar:

In a nasty street encounter, there is hardly any time to react, much less think of complicated techniques. As such, we firmly belief that self defense techniques should be simple yet effective, and drills should be easy for anyone to pick up.

Tommy Carruthers, world renowned JKD Instructor, shows us the essence of Simplicity in street self defense. His unique training methods help students hone their attributes of

1. Seeing Fast ( 360 degrees Awareness)
2. Reacting Fast (Reducing Reaction Time)
3. Moving Fast (scientifically effective response)

If you love to travel, have family members and loved ones you wish to protect, or if you just want a higher level of martial self awareness, this will be the seminar you would not want to miss.

With more than 40 years of experience in various martial arts and having to use his skills for real as a bouncer in the shadiest corners of Scotland, you can expect to witness tried-and-tested techniques that are scientifically effective in keeping you safe.

Furthermore, as Simplicity is a key focus, these techniques will be easy to pick up for anyone, regardless of their gender, age or martial art back ground.

You will be learning

1. Control
2. Timing
3. Defending
4. Striking

Don't miss this chance to train with world class JKD Instructor Tommy Carruthers! If you are near Singapore, do try to make it as this is his ONLY seminar in S.E Asia!

Limited slots available.

When: 29&30th April 2017, 1200 - 1600 hrs

Where: TMP Fitness at 55 Newton Road, IRAS Building (S)307987

[ 3 min walk from Novena Square MRT ]

Fees: $280

PM me or sms me at 9181 9460 if you are keen to join!



(a).Super Early Bird

1. Jedd - Paid
2. Kay - Paid
3. Edmund - Paid
4. Audrey - Paid
5. Law - Paid
6. Desmond - Paid
7. Michael Tham - Paid
8. Nico - Paid
9. Liu Ran - Paid
10. Paulo - Paid
11. Jeffery - Paid
12. Hardy - Paid
13. Jonathan - Paid
14. Royce - Paid
15. Sonny - Paid
16. Ernest - Paid
17. Rob Van-verbergen - Paid
18. Brion Wee - Paid
19. Selwyn - Paid

Principles Behind JKD
1. Four Ranges of Attack
2. Fanciful Techniques VS Combat Reality
3. Training to Non-Telegraphic
4. Economy of Motion
5. Interception (Stop -  Hits)

Understanding of the 5 Ways of Attack
(a) Simple Direct Attack
(b) Attack By Combination
(c) Progressive Indirect Attack
(d) (Hand) Immobilisation Attack
(e) Attack By Drawing

Tommy Carruthers currently only travels to Singapore in South East Asia! Do not miss this rare opportunity to learn directly under a world renowned top tier Original Jeet Kune Do Instructor!