Low crime doesn't mean no crime. 

A safe society has handicapped us when it comes to analysing situations concerning our personal safety.

We tend to rely on authorities, or capturing "proof" of the other party's wrongdoings instead of being worried about our own safety.

Below are 4 common reactions Singaporeans have. 

Disclaimer: These videos are used for educational purposes. We have no idea who is right or wrong in each of these scenario. 

Response 1: Stand there and call for help.
Moving away would have been wiser. If the guy wanted to hit the lady, she was not in a good position to stop the attack.

Response 2: Handphone recording of evidence.
Even when the other party displayed physical violence by slapping the phone, the man just retrieved the phone and continued recording.

Scenario 3: Call police call police.
The attacker has blocked your car and is walking towards you. Quickly ask your passenger to call for the police.

The act of dialing '999' gives us assurance that we are in safe hands.

Scenario 4: My handphone can stop your bat.
Because Singapore is so safe, we do not believe the other person will attack us even when they are armed with a metal bat.

So we continue filming.

What has a safe society done to us?

We delegate our safety to the authorities and take our safe community for granted. 

But are we able to protect ourselves, and our loved ones when trouble finds us? Here are four cases where the victims never saw it coming.

Travel much? Overseas, attackers are bolder and more aggressive. These people never had a chance.....


1. This store manager fought for his life but he could not survive the vicious plunge of the knife to his neck.

2. The lady held at gunpoint thought that she could argue her way out. She thought wrong.

3. "I am female, so guys will not dare to hit me." Think again.

4. Having a nice coffee at Starbucks? The safety of your familiar surroundings will cause a mortifying reaction delay.

Self defense training is a deliberate, well thought decision that everyone has to make. We can either choose to delegate our safety to others, or take charge and be responsible for our own safety, as well as our loved ones.

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