How do you train for Knife Defense?

Since we are on the topic of knife defense. Tommy shared this with me. There are 2 scenarios. Scenario 1: You get to see the knife. Scenario 2: You get to feel the knife first.

The advice has always been to run whenever you can, equalize with a convenient tool or, be prepared to be stabbed and sliced, and trade the hell out of it.

For knife defense training, you don't train 1,2,3,4,5 steps techniques. You train your reactions, you train your accuracy in getting targets that matter.

I am not allowed to share too much. But here is a really short clip of our knife defense training. Audio has been removed as the instructions are not meant to be shared openly. But even without the audio, I believe most of you are able to discern what attribute my students are training. 

In case you are wondering, the senior student has no martial art background and have only been training for less than a month.