Bruce Lee, on JKD

Bruce Lee died in July 1973. As I have always mentioned, the confusion in JKD is because different people trained with him at different times. His JKD was in constant development, and we are lucky that Jesse Glover got to see his final direction in JKD before he passed on. Jesse Glover then passed this knowledge to Tommy, and Tommy to me in our private training. 

Bruce Lee is famous for his movies, but he also did a TV series called Longstreet.

Unlike in the movies, he did not have to rush though a plot and a character. In Longstreet, there was an episode where by Bruce was just playing himself. He could express Jeet Kune Do, exactly the way he wanted it to be.

Here are the excerpts from that episode when Bruce's character was teaching a blind investigator how to fight. My students would find that a lot of it gels with what we do and how we train.