The 3 Stages of Cultivation

The 3 squares represent the 3 stages of cultivation Bruce Lee felt that all martial artists will go through.
1. The Stage of Innocence
You are in the state of ”no-mindedness". Your movements are devoid of self-consciousness, driven by your own instincts. You are introduced to the art and although you can't quite put your finger on it, you recognise the disjoint between the intended outcome and your current state.
2. The Stage Of Art
You are in the process of learning the details of the art. This is the stage where your conscious mind goes into conflict with the programming of your body and your performance is not as desirable as you hope.
This is the stage when most lose interest because they think they are not getting better. Remember, there is no short cut. Our short cut is in the clarity of ourselves and our intentions, not in the intensity nor frequency of our training.
3. The Stage of Artlessness
As you slowly gain mastery of each aspect of training, your body fuses the technicality of the art, with your own intentions.
The student becomes the master and returns to the initial stage of "no-mindedness".
This is where having "no form" and having "no-form" is distinguished.