Good students

I am privileged to have students who are willing to follow my training plan for them. Especially when they start to see progress in their own movements.

Lee has been with me for 8 lessons. The initial few sessions were quite frustrating for the both of us as he was unable to throw a strike at the timing and speed which I knew he was capable of.

He did not give up and kept going at it. Today was a private lesson with him. After 8 lessons, I asked if he was ok I revisit some of the stuff we did before. There were certain attributes I wish to hone for him.

The attributes of seeing fast, moving fast and hitting fast,  are the fundamental concepts of self defense. If he could not progress in these attributes, then all the other lessons are just piling on techniques that he cannot pull off in a real fight.

1. 5 hours of finger jab. Although there were a variety of drills, he must have at least done 1000 - 1500 finger jabs tonight. 

Through his own hard work in the past, and my guidance today, we see tremendous progress in the 1.5 hours. We managed to clear a lot of stuff that were holding him back in the initial lessons.

Self defense is about honing a few techniques till they are second nature to us, and not an accumulation of techniques to have options when under attack. I am glad my students understand this.