Taking our safety for granted

This blog post is not to discuss who was right or wrong, let us focus on the normal reaction that Singaporeans have.

Due to being such a safe country, our first reaction is always to call the police, and we assume our safety will be guaranteed. That is a complacent way of delegating the responsibility of our own safety to the authorities. 

When Mr Biker walked up to smash the car's window, it can be heard at 0:55 that the male driver asking the female drive to "call police". 

While it is the right thing to avoid confrontation and alert the authorities ASAP, how can calling the police at that point of time help in anyway?


Logic: Car has camera. So lodging a police report later with the motorbike's registration number would have been easy. Calling 999 a few minutes earlier is not going to save them from probable hurt.

If Mr Biker had not stopped at smashing the window and wanted to cause more bodily harm, I am quite sure Mr Driver and Passenger would have had more injuries.