Man choked at Commonwealth Car Mall: 'I thought he wanted me to die'

22 July 2015          Source: STOMP

Gasping for breath, he tried to break free from his attacker, who held his neck in an armlock. But he could not get away.

In the end, three of his colleagues had to step in to separate them.

Mr Louis Zhan, 32, a sales executive at automobile dealer Speedo Motoring at Commonwealth Car Mall, said that the scuffle broke out after he told his attacker to move his BMW.

Recalling the attack which took place on Friday afternoon, Mr Zhan said yesterday: “I almost fainted when he choked me. I couldn’t breathe. I thought he wanted me to die.”

Mr Zhan, who is 1.71m tall and weighs about 65kg, added that his attacker is very muscular — more than 1.8m tall and weighs about 90kg. 

The video showed a man walking briskly towards Mr Zhan before choking him in an armlock. Mr Zhan could be seen struggling to break free as he was dragged off the road to the right and then off-screen to the left.

Seconds later, three people came rushing forward towards the pair.