Taxi driver got assaulted by passengers.

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From Facebook User Winrys Hankeshiro
On 24th Sunday 2015, my dad's was going to change shift, taking only customers who were headed to Jurong West so he can knock off.

Picking up 2 chinese male singaporean passengers at the area of Esplanade, he drove them to the destination they requested. Stopping halfway a few times during the trip, as one of them needs to vomit as they were drinking beforehand.

Upon reaching Jurong West St 65, Blk 658B, the cab fare have already amounted to $41 dollars. The sober one, opened the door and ran off, while the drunken one, stumbled his way out of the cab.

When my dad realised that he wasn't going to be paid for his service, he called his cabby friend immediately who happens to be nearby. Drunken one wanted to pay the fare, yet the sober one came back, picked his drunken friend up, wanting to escape again.

Dad had to follow them, leaving his cabby friend behind to look after his cab. Upon reaching the elevator, sober one screamed at my dad as he doesn't let them go up.

Dad told them to pay up the fare and he shall let the matter rest. When the drunken one pulled his wallet out to pay, the sober one snatched his friend's wallet away and claimed why should he pay? And told my dad to follow him up the elevator and pay him later.

Dad knew something was amiss, told them firmly no, he will not follow them up or let them go till they pay up. Called the Jalan Bahar J Division Headquarters 2 times yet no turn up of any policemen for assistance. Passersby told the guys to pay up but sober one refused.

Hence, sober one got frustrated and started to lay punches toward my dad which he blocked them, taking backward steps. Sober one knew he couldn't hit my dad anymore, so he grabbed my dad's arms and swung him towards the corner of the wall, where the sharp edge is.

By the third call to the police, they finally came. But my dad already got injured. What are the police doing beforehand? Before all these violence and injuries to my dad happen? Luckily, kind passerbys help my dad up and tried their best to stop the bloodflow from the laceration site on my dad's forehead before the ambulance came.

From what I understand, the one that beat up my dad had been caught by the police.