Learning JKD for self defense versus other arts.

As I refined my introductory lessons, I constantly remind myself that JKD was meant to be a martial art designed for the streets.

Hence I cannot waste my new students' time, teaching them stuff that are not of immediate effectiveness.

In just one introductory lessons, I taught the new group one of the most effective tools, 3 ways of ensuring their hits always land on a primary target, extending their attack range and spacial awareness between their attackers and themselves.

In just 1.5 hours, although their movements are still unrefined, they can already tell that this one lesson puts them way ahead of any other intro lessons they had on self defense.

I feel that this is absolutely vital to students who are pursing a self defense martial art. You got to question how effective, how easy is it to learn, and how long does it take for you to pick up the skills.

If you are taught months of footwork, months on a particular punch, months on static drills, then basically you are not getting more efficient at handling the streets. 

If we look at real footages of attacks, all encounters can be simplified to just two elements. Distance and Movement.

Distance for Awareness. And Movement for Delivery. That's it. And I make sure my students train these two components from day 1 of their training.

As Jesse Glover mentioned to Tommy and as how Sifu Tommy Carruthers have taught me. This is about training the neural system. To hit without thinking. To move when we need to be safe. This is beyond any technique.