A visitor from New Zealand seeking to understand JKD better.

One day at work, I received a friend request, follow by a private message from Jon, enquiring more about Jeet Kune Do. He has heard about Sifu Tommy but have not had a chance to meet him. 

Due to work, Jon was coming to Singapore, and he hopes to meet up with me.

I was intimidated. In our initial discussions, he told me that he was a martial arts fanatic and had trained in various form of martial arts for many years. I wondered for someone with such a full glass, how could I value add to him?

I picked up my guts and promised to meet him when he is in Singapore.

This is my belief. For a street encounter, no one is clearer or more focused than Tommy when it comes to Simplicity in techniques. And besides, Tommy has also taught me to keep an open mind, to learn from others if they have a simpler way of doing things.

When I finally got a chance to meet with Jon, once we were past greeting each other, our conversation never stopped! Jon's questions shows that he had spent a lot of time thinking and reflecting on the applications of what he has learnt, and when he was seeking my opinions, he really was doing so with an empty cup. 

I was flattered. For someone with decades of martial art training, he was sincerely appreciating the knowledge I was sharing with him. 

We talked away beyond the intended 1 hour. We explored some techniques to see which was simpler. At the end of the conversation, he asked to visit me again during my Thursday night class.

I am so glad to meet people who can appreciate Simplicity for what it is. No styles, no pride, no ego. Only a start point, and an end point, and the shortest path between these two points.