Incident at a shady neighbourhood

I was out with my family today. We picked up something at  rather old neighbourhood in the out skirts. There was this rather large children's playground and my toddler insisted that he wants to play at the play ground for awhile.

When i brought my toddler to the play ground, there were a bunch of other kids there. I do not think that any of them is older than 12 years old. They had their version of play and were rowdily chasing each other and jumping all over the play ground elements. Their older friends were playing soccer nearby at a hard court, and I estimated there were about 20 of them in total.

Oblivious, my boy continued and tried to join them.

They were rough, they would push him aside, they will purposely block his slide so he is unable to use it. The last straw came when one of them told me to leave and go to another playground.

I picked up my toddler and we left, barely 5 minutes into the playground.

I am blessed to be staying in slightly above average neighbourhood. Where the prices of property here deters certain profile of the population to want to reside here. Day to day, we have friendly neighbours and sometimes it is just easy to forget that in the real world, there are people who does not give a shit about others as long as they get what they want. Not to say that these people are bad, they are just brought up in a different way due to their circumstances.

Part of our training is also to be aware of environmental vibes. Recognise them early, and avoid unnecessary trouble. I am glad I was able to walk away without incident today.