Unlearn what we have learnt

I adopted two kittens previously. They were friendly and shared everything and slept on the same couch.

One day they started attacking each other. They were not violent so we just let them be. It was comical too, they were jumping straight up and  at times standing and boxing each other.

Over a short time of about 3 months, their pouncing and fighting changed. They got cleaner, less wastage of movements and got better at attacking or defending. I realised that they were "playing" but at the same time also testing the movements. It was just natural instinct to them. They resided in my house, we fed them well, they never had to hunt for food, but they just knew the time has come to up their game.

Mummy cat was not around. They didn't have anyone to teach them. They only had each other to stress test whatever techniques they wanted to try.

End of the day, we see stray cats fight and pounce all the same way. Because they are not limited by systems. They do not seduced by complex techniques. They simply fight the best way they know. The cat way.

Surprisingly, humans are very different, we have so many different types of martial art in the world because we created so many other purposes to justify their existence. To fully be able to express ourselves, we need to unlearn what we have learnt.