"Advanced" Training

In Singapore, interest in Jeet Kune Do is slowly growing. Students can immediately sense the clarity of the purpose of training, with respect to realistic self defense, just by attending one lesson.

Tonight, after just 15 minutes of joining our training, a new student asked, "Why is it that new students are not introduced to forms (kata) first but immediately doing application and advanced (he felt that our everyday drills were advanced) stuff?"

And the truth is, because I wouldn't know if you will get attacked on the way home after class. 

If students come to learn Tommy Carruthers' JKD because they want a realistic approach to self defense, as a group leader and his representative in Singapore, I have the responsibility to empower you as fast as possible.

How long should one need before they can become effective in self defense? Does that mean we deserve to be victims before we reach that stage?

I am thankful for the good questions that students asks. It reminds me of why I am taking time and effort to spread Jeet Kune Do.