What is the direction and focus of your training?

There was an unfortunate incident involving a knife in one of the local tertiary institutions the past week. 

My advise to all students is not to get into fights, and if the attacker has a weapon, to run as fast as possible.

However, let us also explore situations where running is not an option. I have a wife and 2 kids aged 2 years old and 3 weeks old. Running will not be an option for me when I am out with my family.

In the video of the incident, the attacker only used his knife for between 1 - 2 sec and the other party ran away (wise move). Played back in slow motion, the window for an effective self defense was only about 0.5 secs.

Here is the window at 0.01.

Attacker holding a knife in white.

Attacker holding a knife in white.

Bruce Lee's Jeet Kune Do teaches us to work towards a Daily Decrease. Instead of having 100 techniques for 100 situations, we should have just one technique and hone it to be effective in 100 situations.

To defend ourselves effectively, we must be able to See Fast, Move Fast, Hit Fast. If you training is not teaching you to recognise windows of opportunity, to respond quickly and to act decisively, then I am afraid your techniques would not be able to work in situations like the one above.

At my training group, senior or new students work day in and day out at doing these 3 things better and better. See Fast, Move Fast, Hit Fast. No fancy moves, no fancy techniques. Simply just the bare boned essentials that make self defense effective.