Potential, Hard Work & Direction

We are all students. Each day, regardless of our skill level, we have to look for ways to continue sharpening and honing our craft. For that, I am grateful that I have Tommy Carruthers to look to. He is always ready to assess our current level and give us instructions on how to reach the next stage.

So what are the attributes required of students?


Some think that "Potential" is important and choose to reject students who exhibit less potential and only accept those with "good" potential as students.

JKD is a street self defense art. I never understood how someone can be "not qualified" to learn JKD because they "do not have potential". It is like saying they do not have the right to fight for their lives and should allow the attackers to have their way.

Having Potential only means that you can pick up concepts in a shorter period of time, as compared to other students.

Hard work

Tommy Carruthers' JKD is all about hard work. Even till today, he is actively pushing himself to break his own limits. Tommy's JKD concepts are simple to understand, but do not be mistaken. Simple, does not mean Easy.

A student with less potential, that is seeking every moment to train an attribute, is going to learn a lot faster, than the student with potential that just trains once a week.


Having a Direction is the most important gift a JKD teacher can give their students. Instead of leading them around in circles doing stuff that do not work, teachers should be guiding students in the direction, towards their goal  in every session. 

All JKD students must be working towards the same goal. And in case you have forgotten, we are aiming to be

"Simple, Direct & Non-Classical in our response when involved in a no rules, no holds barred street fight.