Is this JKD? Is that JKD?

Bruce Lee died at a young age. Towards the end, he did not tell a lot of people about his JKD developments. It is understandable. Most athletes in their prime are very secretive about their training methods. 

As a result, different people, due to different reasons, developed JKD after Bruce Lee passed away. Some did not develop it much, choosing to honour what Bruce Lee taught them during the period when they met Bruce, some adopted the idea of learning various martial arts and extract the effectiveness of each. My training group, under Tommy Carruthers, chose to empahsize on the Simplicity of Street Fighting

Jesse Glover had the privilege of witnessing Bruce's final developments of JKD before Bruce passed away. His words were, "Bruce was just using his lead hand and lead leg, nothing else. He calls it fencing with his hand and feet."

This was shared with Tommy Carruthers and it is passed on to my training group. 

There is a reason why all cats fight the same way, and all cobras strike the same way. Their environment has refined them to cut out all wasted motion and to be at their maximum effectiveness in all their motion. Humans do not have natural predators and we do not need to test out our skills at the survival level on a daily basis.

I wouldn't say if any instructor is doing right or wrong. Right or Wrong is an illusion derived from our current experience and knowledge. 

So at the end of the day, my advise to students is, "Be Clear of what you are seeking, only then will you be able to find the "right" instructor."