Fastfood Generation

Martial arts in Singapore is more of a lifestyle than an urgent need. Simply because Singapore is very safe. Yes there are squabbles day to day, but generally everyone is very safe.

The latest trend involves videoing of each other when quarreling so that they can post on the internet later on to shame the other party.

As such, the general population does not treat martial arts or self defense seriously. Students are usually looking for an enjoyable session when they try out martial art classes. So much so that just because they are paying fees, they feel that they are the customer and they get to choose what thy like and don't like. Pretty much like buying a happy meal at Macs.

And this is where I fail. I refuse to tailor my lessons to my students' liking. There ain't going to be any funky feel good drills, nor am i going to waste their time training their cardio. They can do that on their own at home.

If they share the same goal as me, listed here on this website, they will be learning something meaningful and honing their craft each week. They will feel how their senses and movements are more sensitive, and they would have advanced another level in their own evolution.

Singapore may be a safe place, but that does not mean we will not be a statistic. There has been an increase in crime rate and while we have been able to watch the news of the couch so far, it does not mean there is no probability that we may end up on the news.

Street self defense is serious stuff. In my group, I make sure all my students are equipped ASAP. I cannot train them to be effective only after 3 - 10 years. If I do, I am robbing and killing them, not teaching them.