John hosting the Annual Jeet Kune Do Event with Tommy Carruthers from 2013 - 2017.

In 2017, John was officially recognised by Tommy Carruthers as the First Apprentice Instructor in South East Asia.

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Why You Should Be Concerned?

Horrific Crimes in Singapore

Low crime doesn't mean no crime. Most of us think of Singapore as a very safe country, only because trouble has not crossed our path. Here are four cases of horrific attacks that no one would have expected to happen in our country.

Nov 2014 - Raffles Place
A money changer was going about his daily routine when he was attacked by a knife-wielding robber.He was bleeding profusely from multiple slash wounds.

Mar 2015 - Tampines
During a late night supper, a man was confronted by a love rival and had his nose sliced off in the attack.

Jan 2015 - Clementi
On her way home from work, this lady was robbed and sustained stab wounds to her lungs, liver and thighs.

May 2015 - Jurong West
This taxi driver was attacked by two fare cheats resulting in deep cuts and head injuries.


Empower Yourself.

What you will learn

1. Weaponise your Body

Discover how your body can be trained to be a functional self defense weapon.


2. Precision Strikes

Extra emphasis on accuracy trains us to end all fights with the least number of hits.


3. Threat Identification

Be Aware. Learn to think and adapt to any dangerous situation in order to stay unhurt.


4. Stress Reaction Training

We step out of our comfort zone to test if our techniques can work under stressful conditions. 


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Who We Are

Chief Instructor

Based on being Simple, Direct and Non-Classical, Tommy Carruthers spent the last 30 years refining Jeet Kune Do from where Bruce Lee left off....
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Group Leader

Having spent extended time under private tutelage, John's group benefits from his insights into Tommy Carruthers' cutting edge Jeet Kune Do....
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Where it all started: Re-discover Bruce Lee's journey and find out why he was so frustrated with traditional arts and created his own....
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Training Updates

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